About us


Hansa Fine Chemicals was created as a University of Bremen (Germany) spin-off and was launched as a Limited Company (GmbH) in 2002.

HFC is entirely independent of any other companies or research establishments and is solely owned by its working partners. We offer our clients world leading know-how in the fields of organic, heterocyclic, organofluorine and -phosphorus chemistry that can enable or dramatically improve industrial applications in a broad range of science based industries. We are used to working within a strictly controlled, confidential and if desired exclusive environment with our clients that ensures all sensitive data, results and analysis are protected.


We are research driven company providing fine organic, organoelement and heterocyclic intermediates, innovative contract project research and custom synthesis.

In spite of significant advances achieved in preparative chemistry, the synthesis of complex partially fluorinated compounds on a multi-gram scale remains a great challenge. Usually the synthesis via conventional synthetic methods is quite difficult, however, the compounds are of particular interest for a wide range of applications within the pharmaceutical-, agrochemical- and material-science industries. A key competence of our company is the development of novel, convenient to handle, reliable and economically realistic synthetic approaches to produce new types of such compounds, as well as development and production of novel reagents for selective fluorination and polyfluoroalkylation.

The core product list encompasses compounds in the following categories:

F- and RF-aromatics
Fluorinated amines
Fluorinated amino acids and related compounds
Fluorinated and non-fluorinated acids and corresponding esters (acrylic, crotonic, pyruvic, glyoxylic, atrolactic etc.)

Fluorinated alcohols
Fluorinated imines, ketones and α,β-enones
Fluorinated 1,2- and 1,3-diketones, 1,3-ketoesters, 1,3,5-triketones, β-aminoenones
Fluorinated 3-, 5-, 6-, 7-membered N-, O-, S-, P-heterocycles
Special reagents (for polyfluoroalkylation, fluorination etc.)
Phenacyl bromides
Phosphorus compounds

In addition, Hansa Fine Chemicals, using a variety of synthesis strategies and analysis techniques, offers services in three main areas:

Custom organofluorine and organic synthesis in gram to kilogram quantities on an ad hoc basis
Contract research projects
Process analysis and characterization

Synthesis techniques employing:

Sulfur tetrafluoride, DAST, Deoxofluor®
HF/base systems
Perfluoroalkylating reagents

Special Processes:

Halex catalyst design
Halex process

Selective introduction of CF3S, CF3O-moieties in aromatics and aliphtics as well as preparation of von N-CF3-amines and. SF5-derivatives.